Location of Gifts (Nautical Quizzes) (2023)

This quest consists of 6 questions about nautical details asked by a random citizen in Bridgetown(Port of Spain), Willemstad, Port-au-Prince, Cumana, Port Royal, and Santiago.

A man or a woman will ask you a question which has to be answered by typing the solution into the dialogue box. If the answer is correct, you will get the position of an item and the logbook will be updated. If not, you're a normal person that doesn't know a thing about topgallant masts and gaffs like myself.

The answers can be found in:

Age of Pirates 2/Program/Text/characters/LSC_Q2Utilite.h

Based on original from Skodarap's CoAS Site (used with permission). Original is here .

These are the answers:

"What is the name for a collection of ropes threaded through the holes of the bow topsail, and passing
through a special block on the stay?",
"Slab Line",
"It's hard to keep food fresh at sea. But this biscuit can keep for years, so long as you keep it dry. ",
"What is the name for a cylindrical brush, affixed to a wooden staff, used to clean powder residue from
the barrel of a cannon?",
"Cleaning Rod",
"What is the name for the reinforced strip of exterior planking on the ship's hull, above the waterline?",
"Rubbing Strake",
"What do you call the piece of leather-covered rope used to fasten a yard or gaff around the mast or
"What do you call it when two ropes are bound together with a thin rope or jackline?",
"What is the name for the lateral bulkead at the bow of a sailing ship?",
"What do you call the crosstimbers of a ship that support the decks, join together the opposite sides of
the frame legs, and give the ship lateral strength?",
"What's the name of that ancient oar-driven warship with two banks of oars?",
"What's the wooden bollard on a ship's deck, used to secure ropes?",
"What's the small mast on the bowsprit that holds a yard with a squaresail? ",
"Spirit Topmast",
"Name the sail fastened beneath the bowsprit.",
"What do you call those horizontal spars that are just secured on the one end? Here, I'll give you a hint.
They're used to hang the sail out over the water, hold the rigging apart, and suspend the boats.",
"Tell me, what do you call the spar that extends off the topmast?",
"Topgallant Mast",
"What do you call the running rope that you use to turn a yard along a horizontal plane?",
"Tell me, what's the gizmo with the horizontal shaft that you use to hoist anchors and cargo?",
"When you shoot a ship's gun, there's all this recoil. What do you call the thick rope that you use to
dampen it?",
"Name me the extra sail that is laced directly to the mainsail.",
"What do you call the rope that holds the leech of a squaresail toward the bow, when the ship is sailing
by the wind?",
"Tell me, what do you call the third squaresail from the bottom - the one hoisted between the topgallant
yard and the topsail yard?",
"Topgallant Sail",
"What do you call those thick ropes in the standard rigging, that steady the mast to the sides?",
"Tell me, what's the name of the rope that secures the bowsprit to the stem?",
"Here, what's the name of the auxiliary anchor that you use to heave the ship out of a shallows?",
"What do call the round lug at the breech end of a gun?",
"What do you call the small ropes fastened across the shrouds, that you use to climb up onto the masts
and topmasts?",
"Tell me, what's the name of the metal catch fixed to the end of a rope that is used for hoisting the
boats, cargo, and many other things.",
"What do you call the flat part at the ship's stern where the poop lanterns are?",
"Tell me, what's the name of the running rope used to hold the clew of a sail toward the bow.",
"What do you call the inclined spar that holds the head of a trisail?",
"What measure of length is equal to one tenth of a nautical mile?",
"What is the little cloth sack holding a charge of gunpowder called?",
"Powder Bag",
"What do you call the raised portion of the upper deck at the ship's stern?",
"Tell me, what's the name of the cone-shaped piece of hardwood that is inserted into a knot to prevent it
from tightening?",
"What do you call the triangular sail attached to the rigging that runs from the mast to the bowsprit?",
"What do you call the opening in the ship's side for the anchor line? Careful now...",
"What do you call the square topsail of the mizzenmast? ",
"Mizzen Topsail",
"What do you call the extra, trapeze-shaped sail, set on the outer edge of a squaresail?",
"What do you call the soft rope used to darn the edges of sails?",
"What's that weight called, that you use to measure depth?",
"What do you call a man who maps out the shore by measuring the seafloor with a lead? ",
"What do you call that round, overstitched hole in a sail?",
"So tell me, what do you call the second squaresail from the bottom of the mast? The one that's held
between the head and foot?",
"Square Topsail",
"What do you call a wooden nail?",
"What do you call the wooden locker where you keep your compass, lamp, and hourglass?",
"What do you call the ropes that seamen stand on, when they work on the yards? ",
"What's the uppermost timber of the bulwark, on a decked ship?",
"Sometimes a sail has this horizontal line of lacing through it, that's used to reduce its area. What do you
call that?",
"So that ring at the end of the anchor, that you tie the rope to - what's that called, again?",
"What do you call the framework that joins together the lengths of a mast?",
"So tell me, what's the name of the seat where the mast heel is fixed?",
"What do you call the spar that is an extension of the lower mast?",
"Tell me the name of the triangular, sometimes trapezoidal, fore-and-aft sail that's held on a stay. ",
"What do you use to grease the underside of the ship, and protect it from shipworms?",
"So there's a sail - trapezoidal fore-and-aft job. Its top is laced to a gaff, and is bottom stretches along a
boom. What's it called?",
"What was that Ancient Grecian warship - it was propelled with three banks of oars, and armed with a
battering ram?",
"What do you call one of those ancient Roman warships, with three banks of oars?",
"What do you call the spar that extends off the bowsprit? ",
"Jib Boom",
"Remind me, what's that rope you use to hoist things? Certain yards, sails, signal flags...",
"What do you call it when the side of a ship continues up above an open upper deck?",
"What do you call the cylindrical bosses you use to aim a gun vertically?",
"What do you call the upper deck at the stern of a sailing ship, where the watch officers stand and the
compasses are kept?",
"Quarterdeck ",
"What do you call the wide boards running horizontally along the sides, for walking from the forecastle to
the quarterdeck?",
"What do you call the rope that pulls the bottom corner of a sail to stern, and holds the sail in the right
"What do you call the cross-timbering that forms a rib in the ship's hull?",
"What do you call it when you wrapp a rope around an object, so it forms a loop? ",
"Round Turn",
"What do you call that big, cylindrical ladle you use to unload a gun? I mean, to yank out the ball and the
powder bag?",
"What do you call a wooden connecting collar with two holes, used to bind together the parts of a mast?",
"Mast Cap",
"Tell me, what do you call those round wooden blocks, without a pulley? They've got three through
-holes, for tensioning the stays and shrouds.",
"What was the Caribbean's main export, around the middle of this century?",
"What was the Caribbean's main import, around the early-mid mid part of this century?",
"Who was the first Dutch seafarer to circumnavigate the globe?",
"Oliver van Noort",
"So the Dutch East India Company established its first trading station in 1626. What was it called?",
"New Amsterdam",
"Let's play a game, then. I'm a British poet, pirate, and sea captain. I colonized Virginia, and carry the
sweet favor of Queen Elizabeth I. I also was beheaded in 1618. Who am I?",
"Sir Walter Raleigh",
"Who was the first pirate to fly a Jolly Roger?",
"Emanuel Wynne"

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