How To Reset Whirlpool Duet Dryer Sensing? (2023)

Your Whirlpool Duetdryercomes withsensorstrips in its tub or drum. The sensor feature is in charge of sensing your laundry’s automatic dryness. The dryer works by tumbling your load of laundry until it is dry.

So, how does the dryer know that it is time to end the cycle?

Once your laundry is dry, it comes into contact with the tub’s sensor strips. The strips relay the information to the controls so that the machine ends the cycle. That means if the sensing feature is not properly set or it is faulty, the dryer will end prematurely or not sense a dry laundry at all.

Sometimes, your Whirlpool duet dryer may malfunction. It may not necessarily be a major fault but a small hitch that requires a simple reset or troubleshooting.

Identifying your dryer’s sensor strips problems is the first step to treating the problem. We will show you where the reset button is and help you fix your dryer’s sensing system. These and other dryer-sensitive topics are right here in this guide.

Read through to get enlightened on how to handle your whirlpool dryer and perform various troubleshooting steps.

Table Of Contents

  • How To Reset A Whirlpool Duet Dryer Sensing?
  • What Does It Mean When Your Whirlpool Dryer Says, Sensing?
  • What Causes A Stuck Sensing Mode In Your Dryer?
  • How Does The Auto-Sensor In Your Whirlpool Work?
  • How do I reset my Whirlpool front load dryer?
  • Where Is The Whirlpool Dryer Reset Button?
  • Why Does My Dryer Say Sensing And Won’t Start?
  • How Do You Fix A Sensing Whirlpool Dryer?

How To Reset A Whirlpool Duet Dryer Sensing?

Your dryer won’t work, and you sense that it is a reset issue. So, how do you reset your whirlpool duet dryer sensing?

Easy! Follow these straightforward steps to achieve a successful reset of your dryer;

Step One: Inspect Your Power Source

The first step in tackling a troubleshooting or reset issue is inspecting your household’s circuit breaker or fuses. Your dryer may be malfunctioning due to a lack of power.

Firstly, check whether other electrical appliances are functioning perfectly. The most appropriate machine to verify if there is power will be your fridge and microwave.

Check whether any of these is on. If you find that there is no power, then the issue could be a power outage in your locality, a blown fuse, or tripped circuit breaker.

What if the other appliances are working perfectly? Move on to check whether your dryer’s electric power cord is intact.

Plug the cord firmly in the power outlet. If you notice no change, then the problem could be with the dryer. Still, there is no change? It is time to inspect your dryer and do a reset.

(Video) Test Dryer Moisture Sensor Whirlpool Duet

Step Two: Reset Your Dryer

Check whether the other buttons are functioning properly. Is the control board displaying accurately? Is the feature off?

Step Three: Press The Start Button

Lock the dryer’s door firmly and proceed to press the start button. Hold for and count five seconds. Release the button.

Step Four

Go on and inspect your control board for any error codes.

Step Five

Press the start switch again and hold another five seconds. PF should appear on display. Once the PF appears, the long press will restart your dryer.

Unless your whirlpool dryer has other complications, the above procedure should solve the sensing system.

Further in the article, we will guide you on dealing with a stubborn sensor that won’t start. We cordially invite you to keep on reading our article.

What Does It Mean When Your Whirlpool Dryer Says, Sensing?

You wonder what your Whirlpool dryer means when it indicates Sensing on the control panel. As we expounded earlier, your whirlpool dryer drum automatically senses your laundry’s dryness using sensor strips. When your clothes are dry, the strips will feel and communicate to the control panel to indicate Sensing.

So, when you see the word Sensing, that means the strips’ sensor system is working and sensing your clothes dryness inside the drum.

If the Sensing mode takes longer than expected, there is a problem requiring fixing with your dryer. Proceed with diagnosis and then tackle the problem depending on the cause. This brings us to the causes of a stuck Sensing mode.

Note that a prolonged dryer sensing mode may indicate a more complicated issue.

You can reach out to a technical expert to diagnose the issue correctly and fix your dryer.

What Causes A Stuck Sensing Mode In Your Dryer?

There are several factors that will cause your dryer to stick in a Sensing mode;

1. Erroneous Settings

You may have tapped on the wrong settings when you loaded your laundry for drying. Just put off the dryer and let it rest for about 10 minutes. After cooling down, press start and select the correct setting.

Suppose this doesn’t work out; you may be having dirty moisture sensor strips that require cleaning.

2. Dirty Moisture Sensors

(Video) How to enter a Whirlpool Duet automatic diagnostic mode

Moisture sensors are on the drum’s lining. Continued use without cleaning your dryer’s drum leaves it slimy and dirty. The sensors get clogged with a layer that prevents them from functioning appropriately.

That’s why your whirlpool dryer is stuck in sensing mode. Here is a straightforward process of cleaning your whirlpool dryer’s tub:

  1. Empty your wet laundry into a tray.
  • Suppose your dryer is electric; rub-down the drum with a soapy wet towel. Use a no-inflammable cleaner for your gas dryer.
  • Grab a clean wet towel and rinse your drum thoroughly.
  • Drop in a load of clean clothes and tumble to dry the drum.
  • Load your drum with the wet laundry and start your dryer with the appropriate settings.

A persistent sensing mode after cleaning your dryer’s tub indicates a more advanced problem. You may require a hand of an expert to pick the problem and fix it appropriately. Such a step prevents further damages to your dryer.

3. Faulty Circuit Board

Your dryer’s sensing system can experience glitches. While it is difficult to pick up a faulty circuit board, we recommend that you get the help of a dryer technician.

The best decision will be to reach out to your whirlpool supplier and contact an authorized technical expert. That avoids lots of hassles and more trouble.

Meanwhile, you have no choice but to empty your load of laundry in a tray for air drying. Getting a tech can take a couple of hours or even a day. You don’t want to leave your wet clothes in the tub for that long.

4. Faulty Moisture Sensor Strips

Like other features in your dryer, sensor strips wear off. When this happens, you have no choice but to get a new unit for replacement. You can opt for an expert to fix it for you or a DIY.

In the end, you will be really happy to have a super functional dryer n your laundry! Further in this article, we have a simple fixing of a worn-out sensor strip/bar. Keep reading! Before you get there, you need to know how an auto sensor functions.

How Does The Auto-Sensor In Your Whirlpool Work?

The work of the sensor strips is to detect the temperatures inside your dryer drum continuously. From the time the laundry is wet (cool air) to the moment it dries (warm air), the dryer’s thermostat is in charge of controlling the heater coils.

If you use a gas dryer, the thermostat will control the gas valve. The feature also handles your dryer’s timer. In a nutshell, the sensor strips work hand in hand with the thermostat, timer, and other functions on the control board to dry your load of laundry.

How do I reset my Whirlpool front load dryer?

Resetting your Whirlpool front load dryer is not a complicated process. You will notice a PF error code on your Whirlpool dryer control board display. The code indicates a recent power outage. Your dryer will not start again if you do not reset or troubleshoot.

There are also other error codes, including The AF and L2 codes, but let us first look at PF error code;

So, how do you go about solving a PF error code? A superfast two-step process!

Steps One

You have to start the dryer; Press and hold “Start” for a few moments. Pressing and holding the function acts as an automatic restart. If your dryer doesn’t work, move on to the next step.

Step Two

Go ahead and select another cycle or any other option. Hold down “Start” to start the process. Your Whirlpool front load dryer will be perfectly fine.

What if you confirmed that there is no power outage? Power loss is also a common troubleshooting hitch in dryers.

(Video) Whirlpool Duet Dryer Click but no Start

Your next step will be to unplug your dryer for a few minutes. Allow it to cool down for about ten minutes. Push the Reset or Start button to get your dryer on.

AF Error Code

This error code indicates that there is less airflow to your dryer it requires. The error does not prevent your dryer from running, but you need to clear it to allow your laundry to dry appropriately.

It is also super easy for you to clear this error;

Step One

  1. Push any key on the control panel.
  • Allow your whirlpool dryer to finish the cycle.
  • Clear up the lint screen.
  • Clear the exterior vent hood and also the vent hose. (Step three and four will remove any excessive lint).
  • Select a new dry cycle, put on the timer, and push “Start.” That will restart your dryer.

L2 Error Code

L2 error code on your Whirlpool dryer display means a hitch with the power supply. To clear the error;

  1. Push any button clear on display. Check if the dryer has heat. If there is enough heat, dismiss the error and move ahead to select a new cycle. Your dryer doesn’t require a reset.
  2. If your whirlpool dryer is cool (no heat), you need to check and replace the dyer’s fuse or circuit breaker.
  3. Unplug your dryer’s power cable and then restore the power. Go ahead and perform a full dryer reset.
  4. Follow the full steps that we discussed earlier to reset your dryer.

General Reset

What if there are no error codes yet your Whirlpool dryer is malfunctioning? Don’t panic, as a general reset will solve the hitch.

To perform a general reset on your Whirlpool dryer, disconnect the power supply to your dryer by unplugging.

Hold on for 30 minutes for the appliance to cool and then reconnect the power. Push the start button to resume normal use.

An advanced whirlpool dryer issue calls for technical advice. If this problem carries on, reach out to Whirlpool customer support for advice or repair.

Where Is The Whirlpool Dryer Reset Button?

Some modern dryers come with a reset button for easy troubleshooting. You can locate the button on the dryer’s control board.

Unfortunately, a whirlpool dryer doesn’t have a specific reset button. Resetting requires performing several procedures like pressing the Start toggle that doubles as a reset button.

At other times, you may have to disconnect your appliance for a couple of minutes, reconnect, and start the dryer again.

Other detailed steps can help you to reset your dryer, such as the ones we discussed earlier. The steps involved clearing several error codes, including PF, AF, L2, and general codes.

Why Does My Dryer Say Sensing And Won’t Start?

Whenever your dryer says “Sensing,” that’s a normal mode. The moisture sensors are set to start the drying process of your laundry. It only becomes a worry if the machine is stuck on Sensing mode for a long time.

That means something is amiss. It could be a troubleshooting issue, faulty electric connections, and an erroneous reset. The sensor can also be faulty. That means a replacement.

Sometimes, it could be that the sensor strips require some cleaning to work perfectly. Start with the simplest fixes like cleaning the moisture sensors, resets, and the most detailed like checking the electric connections. That way, you diagnose the problem precisely.

How Do You Fix A Sensing Whirlpool Dryer?

A worn-out whirlpool dryer sensing system is inconvenient as you have to put up with loads of wet laundry when you least expect. That disrupts your planned schedule as you take time hanging your clothes out to dry in the sun.

(Video) WhirlPool Duet Dryer Will not Start but powers on.

Sometimes, a rainy or winter weather condition may not allow sun drying. You are left with few options that consume a lot of your time. The best remedy is to get a replacement.

Fixing the unit is a simple process that begins with a few dryer repair safety tips. Let’s look at the three most important tips before you replace your moisture sensor strip or bar.

  • Before the replacement or repair exercise, unplug your dryer from the electric or gas supply.
  • Put on your safety apparel like work gloves, safety boots, and goggles. You need to protect your eyes, hands, and feet from harmful objects.
  • It is always prudent to reach out to a dryer technician if you feel incompetent to repair your dryer. They will replace your dryer without messing up with other parts of your appliance and your warranty too.

Fixing a sensing unit in a Whirlpool dryer involves eleven simple steps;

1. Observe the above tips and proceed to open your dryer’s door.

2. Pull out the dryer’s lint screen.

3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to unthread the screws holding the lint screen casing. Also, remove the ones in the dryer drum that hold it in place.

4. Remove the lint screen casing from the dryer and take a photograph of the wiring connections. You will refer to the photo later when reconnecting the unit.

5. Detach the sensor wiring (the wires run to the back of the casing).

6. Place the lint screen on a safe flat surface.

7. Grab a pair of needle-nose pliers and use them to detach the sensor strip tab that locks the sensor into place. Overturn the covering and pull the malfunctioning sensor out.

8. You are ready to fix your new sensor. Push the new sensor into the lint screen casing.

9. Get the lint screen casing back to the dryer. Refer to the connection photograph to reconnect the wires correctly.

10. Fix back the lint screen casing securely in its place. Slide your dryer’s lint screen back into its casing.

11. Well done! You just fixed your whirlpool dryer sensor. Test your appliance by plugging in your dryer. Throw in some wet towels to test whether the new replacement works.

If the above process doesn’t solve your dryer’s sensor issue, you need to reach out to your whirlpool customer support. They will be happy to diagnose your problem and get your dryer back to its happy state.

Final Thoughts

Your whirlpool dryer indicating Sensing is a normal occurrence that happens just before drying at the beginning of your laundry’s drying cycle. You will only raise eyebrows if the sensing mode continues for a prolonged period than normal.

The most common issue will be an erroneous reset on the control panel, a worn-out sensor, a dirty sensor, or faulty electric connections. You can try a reset or clean the sensor strips. The cleaning is simple, as we outlined in our guide.

If that doesn’t work, you need a proper diagnosis of your dryer’s issue. If you are competent, you can check out a worn-out sensor strip/bar and replace it with a new one.

Suppose dryer things seem complicated to you; reach out to a competent technician for assistance. They will be glad to diagnose and repair your dryer for free or at a small fee depending on your dryer’s warranty.

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How To Reset Whirlpool Duet Dryer Sensing? ›

A Whirlpool dryer moisture sensor monitors the dampness of clothing while the dryer is operating. If clothes are dried before the timed cycle is set to end, it signals the dryer to turn off.

What does it mean when my Whirlpool dryer says sensing? ›

A Whirlpool dryer moisture sensor monitors the dampness of clothing while the dryer is operating. If clothes are dried before the timed cycle is set to end, it signals the dryer to turn off.

How do I clear the code on my Whirlpool Duet dryer? ›

How to Clear Whirlpool Duet Error
  1. Write the error code down so you won't forget it after it is cleared.
  2. Press the "Pause/Cancel" button on the control panel twice to clear the error.

What does sensing mean on a dryer? ›

Sensing strips in the dryer drum detect moisture levels in clothes.

How do I fix my dryer sensing? ›

Dryer Has Sensor Issues

If the timer of your auto cycle or sensor dry is rapidly advancing to off, locate the sensor bars – they're the two metal strips by the lint screen. Use soap and water on them to remove any waxy coating that might be causing the problem.

Will my dryer work without the moisture sensor? ›

Using a moisture sensor, it senses when your clothing is dry enough and ends the cycle instead of just running on a set timed cycle. However, if the moisture sensor no longer works then your clothing may not get dry or the dryer may run indefinitely as it fails to receive the proper signals to stop.

Can a dryer sensor go bad? ›

Over time, the two metal strips inside your dryer that make up the main component of your moisture sensor may stop functioning. This is especially true if you use dryer sheets.

Does my Whirlpool dryer have a reset button? ›

Many Whirlpool dryers have a reset button, but the location and appearance of the button can vary depending on the model of your dryer. In some cases, the reset button may be located on the control panel, while in others it may be located on the back of the dryer.

Do dryers have reset buttons? ›

Many dryers are equipped with a reset button on the control panel. If the motor won't run, let the dryer cool for about ten minutes. Then push the reset button. If there are no problems with the motor, switches, or electrical system, this should restart the dryer.

Can you turn off sensor dry? ›

No, you cannot turn off the sensors, but you may use the timed dry cycle.

Where is the dryer sensor located? ›

The moisture sensor is located in the front of the dryer behind the lint trap. It is important that there are enough clothing items tumbling past the sensor for the dryer to effectively measure remaining moisture.

Can a sensor be reset? ›

To reset a sensor, turn the device over and look for the circle on the back labeled "RESET" (See photo below). Insert a paperclip or other thin wire through the label to make a hole, and depress the reset button. You'll feel it 'click' when it is depressed (you should not have to press very hard).

How do I reset my Whirlpool control board? ›

Some models require you to shut off the power to the dishwasher either by unplugging it or shutting off the circuit breaker. Others are reset by pressing and holding the Start/Reset button on the control panel, then waiting a few moments before attempting to start a wash cycle.

Why does my sensor dryer keep stopping? ›

You have a defective moisture sensor

The moisture sensor tracks the levels of wetness in your dryer and then communicates with the control board. If it's defective, it can signal that your clothes are dry even when they aren't, causing the machine to shut off early.

What is the difference between humidity sensor and moisture sensor? ›

What's the difference between humidity and moisture sensors? In short, both measure humidity, but the minor terminological difference lies in the “material” where humidity is measured in.

Can you replace a dryer sensor? ›

This sensor is located on the front bulkhead of your dryer and it is secured by a single screw to the drum with a wire harness attached. Unplug the wire harness, unthread the screw, and you can pull the moisture sensor right out. After positioning the new moisture sensor, secure the screw and reattach the wire harness.

Why does my Whirlpool dryer shut off after a few minutes? ›

The first and main, reason a dryer shuts off after a few minutes is an overheating dryer motor. When this occurs, you might need to replace it – especially if you can hear a loud, buzzing noise emanating from the motor.

Why does my Whirlpool dryer keep stopping? ›

The most common cause of a dryer shutting off after a few minutes is a broken or faulty drive belt. The drive belt goes around the dryer drum, idler pulley, and the motor pulley and helps the dryer to rotate when operating. If it is defective, the dryer won't work correctly.

Why wont my Whirlpool dryer start but has power? ›

If your Whirlpool dryer won't start but has power, confirm that you've selected the right dryer settings. To start drying the dryer control knob should be set to the “Automatic” or “Timed” cycle. If the “Wrinkle Reduction” option on some models is selected, the dryer won't start immediately.

How do I know if my dryer is clogged? ›

What Happens When a Dryer Vent Is Blocked?
  1. Your dryer takes much longer than a typical 45-minute cycle to dry.
  2. Clothes come out of the dryer damp.
  3. Your dryer feels very hot to the touch while running.
  4. There's a musty odor while the dryer is on.
  5. You see a lot of lint accumulation outside the trap and vent.

How do you check if your dryer is clogged? ›

The Warning Signs and Dangers of Clogged Dryer Vents
  1. It takes longer than usual to dry your clothes. ...
  2. You notice a burning smell. ...
  3. Your clothes are hot to the touch at the end of a load. ...
  4. You can see lint or debris in the dryer hose or around the outside dryer flap. ...
  5. You haven't cleaned out your vents in over a year.

Will the dryer run if the thermal fuse is blown? ›

A thermal fuse will blow when the temperature gets too high, not when it's drawing too much current. When it blows, the dryer stops generating heat. It's necessary to replace it before the dryer will run again.

What is the L2 code on a Whirlpool Duet dryer? ›

An L2 (Low or No Line Voltage) Error code indicates that there may be a problem with your home power supply, keeping the dryer's heater from turning on. The dryer will continue to run when this error code is present. Touch any pad to clear the code from the display and return to the estimated time remaining.

Why won't my dryer start when I push the start button? ›

Unplug the dryer and check the thermal fuse for continuity. Replace the thermal fuse if the multimeter measures no continuity. Check the exhaust vent because a clog in the vent likely caused the thermal fuse to blow. For dryers with a dial timer, a broken push-to-start switch can prevent the motor from running.

When I press the start button on my dryer nothing happens? ›

If your dryer does not turn on and begin its drying cycle when you press the “Start” button, there may be an issue with one or more of its internal or external parts. To resolve the issue, you may need to have the malfunctioning parts repaired or replaced, or upgrade your appliance to a newer model.

Why won't my dryer start but has power? ›

If your dryer won't turn on but seems to be properly connected to a power supply, check to make sure your home isn't experiencing any power outages, blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. Before attempting a dryer cycle, make sure all fuses are intact and tight.

Can you turn off dry sensor dryer? ›

No, you cannot turn off the sensors, but you may use the timed dry cycle.

What is the difference between sensor dry and auto dry? ›

Regular, Automatic, or Timed Dry

You'll set the drying time yourself when using the timed dry option, whereas the automatic or regular option uses a moisture sensor to detect when clothes are dry. It's easy to use this setting as your default dryer setting, but this can actually damage your everyday garments over time.

Where is the dryer sensor? ›

The moisture sensor is located in the front of the dryer behind the lint trap. It is important that there are enough clothing items tumbling past the sensor for the dryer to effectively measure remaining moisture.

Why is my dryer not drying on auto dry? ›

There are several reasons why your dryer may not be drying, including a clogged lint screen, issues with the vent hose or a clogged vent system. Properly installing and maintaining your dryer can help avoid some issues that can interfere with performance.

Why does my dryer stop after a few minutes? ›

The most common cause of a dryer shutting off after a few minutes is a broken or faulty drive belt. The drive belt goes around the dryer drum, idler pulley, and the motor pulley and helps the dryer to rotate when operating. If it is defective, the dryer won't work correctly.


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