Günstige Flüge nach Alta ab 240 € - KAYAK (2023)

Great experience.

Great experience.

75 min flight. No food, no entertainment but flight was good. Got us to where we wanted to go.

I am tall and could not fit my legs forward as the seats were too close together

Positiv: "Left and arrived on time - crew were friendly"

Negativ: "The food was nice but no vegan option"

Positiv: "all fine, on time and staff pleasant"

Negativ: "minimal food but that seems to be the norm these days"

Positiv: "On time and clean throughout, staff all pleasant."

Negativ: "Food a bit minimal but the flights are all quite short so not a problem"

Positiv: "Efficient, quick, great staff"

Negativ: "Baggage claim took too long and my baggage broke :("

Positiv: "Nothing. Very disappointed in the customer service and willingness to understand that we already paid for baggage, yet forced us to pay again."

Negativ: "We purchased tickets with baggage. Was forced to pay for baggage again at the airport. The people were rude, unwilling to work with us and almost made us miss our flight. We travel all the time and this was hands down one of the WORST experiences I have ever had"

Positiv: "Delightful"

Positiv: "The bit of chocolate, very good dark chocolate."

Positiv: "it was great to send the baggage directly from Brussels midi to Seoul. I didn't need to check those in at Paris again. I appreciate their improvement indeed."

Positiv: "Punctual, comfortable and good service"

Negativ: "Slightly long queue in security. No food provided onboard only coffee/tea"

Positiv: "i had room, the flight was on time, and the crew friendly."

Negativ: "Got what I expected."

Negativ: "All was good. They should keep up the good service"

Reise wurde von SAS storniert

Reise wurde von SAS storniert

Positiv: "To reach the goal."

Negativ: "Food. Time."

Negativ: "Seat was terribl, space tiny, no legroom no air movement, hot the entire trip,"

Negativ: "The check in staff at the gate could have been more friendly and paid better attention to customer care. I was standing in front of the counter with a simple Question but had to wait 5 minutes before the two agents got done with their own personal chat and thought about attending to me."

Positiv: "food good"

Negativ: "techical problems announced AFTER plane was fully boarded, took 1-1/2 hours with no refreshments offered except the water bottles at seat. However, captain did make periodic announcements as to progress of repairs."

Positiv: "Crew war Super!"

Negativ: "Schlimmes, altes, kleines und sehr beengendes Flugzeug, extrem schlechte Belüftung!"

Positiv: "On time. Arrive early. Smooth flight and landing."

Negativ: "More meal options. Only chicken for dinner. I’m vegetarian."

Positiv: "na"

Negativ: "The airplane crew was rude. They could have been more nicer regarding food. My mother is diabetic and I asked the lady to get her a small sandwich or something so she can take her meds and plus her sugar levels where getting low. And the lady on her side was really rude and said NO."

Positiv: "Crew war super speziell Carsten!"

Negativ: "Eine Fussmassage hätte es noch toppen können."

Negativ: "Third delayed flight in a row within the week. Seems to be considered acceptable business practice."

Negativ: "Could not have been better"

Negativ: "MUC >> CPH wurde durch SAS durchgeführt, jegliche Versorgung kostet extra. Nicht was man erwartet, wenn man durch Lufthansa bucht!"

Positiv: "Easy to board, on time and food was good"

Positiv: "Sehr nette Besatzung Schnelles und geordnetes Boarding"

Negativ: "Verpflegung war kostenpflichtig mit Ausnahme von Tee und Kaffee."

Positiv: "Major delay that caused me to miss a connecting flight. Food was also very mediocre (beef with chocolate sauce???) and many people in my flight were forced to check regulation carry ons for exorbitant fees. I would expect this kind of thing from a budget airline like Ryanair or something, but thought SAS could do better."

Negativ: "Forferdelig innsjekking, lang kø, kun en person som skulle håndtere alle. Bag drop aksepterte kun en innsjekket bagasje for 2 personer selv om vi skulle kunne sjekke inn 2 hver."

Positiv: "Nix"

Negativ: "Anschlussflug wurde gecancelt"

Positiv: "Gibt nix gutes"

Negativ: "Flug wurde gecancelt ohne das man benachrichtig wird!!"

Positiv: "Every seat has bottle of water"

Positiv: "Definitely one of the cleanest aircrafts I have seen. Design in grey simple but good. Nice and friendly staff."

Negativ: "New Arla Milk packages have a strange form and way to open which makes it tough not to spill the milk on you!"

Positiv: "Nothing really; this looked like the cheapest transatlantic airline that I have ever taken. Will try to avoid in the future."

Negativ: "Limited selection of food, snacks, and drinks Limited selection of movies"

Positiv: "Flight was on time with friendly crew"

Negativ: "Backup plane from the 90s had broken entertainment system"

Negativ: "Filme waren ok, aber nur ein Spiel (Schach) auf einem Interkontinentalflug (CPH - SFO) ist eher mager für einen 11h-Flug. Spiele müssen ja nicht sein, aber andere Fluglinien als SAS bieten da mehr..."

Positiv: "The 7 hr trip to Copenhagen was rough. The seats are too close together. My knees hit the seat in front of me even without reclining. When the seat in front of me reclined the tv screen was 6” away from my face. It was next to impossible to get out of the seat."

Negativ: "Legroom."

Positiv: "Nice aircraft (A321) and informative ground staff."

Negativ: "The take it or leave it attitude of the cabin crew (amazingly casual) and SAS’s persistence in having two standards of service in the one cabin - free food & drink up front, however only tea & coffee or a cup of water up the back and you can pay for the rest."

Negativ: "Delay and poor information. Staff confused at check in..."

Positiv: "Everything was done quite well - not too fussy. Limited free drinks options on a transatlantic flight perhaps being the only possible complaint."

Negativ: "Limited free drink options on a transatlantic flight."

Positiv: "Everything about the flight was wonderful except baggage claim, in BOTH directions."

Negativ: "It could have been the perfect trip, but I am not sure why SAS baggage handling is so mediocre. In both the flights from EWR to OSLO and back, every aspect of the trip was super, except for the wait for baggage. In Oslo, I estimate having waited at least a half an hour at the carousel before the bags started showing up, and the same in Newark. We had long cleared Immigration, which normally is not a speedy process, and yet still had to wait at least 20 minutes for the FIRST bag to appear on the carousel. Most annoying, particularly after a relatively long flight, and especially for transfer passengers who needed to recheck their bags to continue to other destinations."

Positiv: "Flug hat Minimumkriterien erfuellt. Sicherheit. Sehr gute Landung und Infos vom Käpten.Getraenke wurden offeriert."

Negativ: "Kein Entertainementsystem vorhanden. Kein Food. Info über vorhandene Service( entertainment und food ) im Flug wäre wünschenswert."

Positiv: "Pünktlichkeit/ Sehr gute und viel Verpflegung/ Genügend Platz/"

Negativ: "Leider waren geschätzt 70% der Monitore kaputt. Ich hab den Sitzplatz gewechselt um Filme schauen zu koennen. Info über vorhandene Service( entertainment und food ) im Flug vor Abflug wäre wünschenswert."

Positiv: "The flight attendees were great, always taking good care of somebody and gave me more drinks/food when needed. You had enough space and everybody could sleep. Already looking forward to my flight back home."

Negativ: "The Entertainment could have some more movies to watch - After 3 movies there was absolutely no other movie that might have been interesting to me. However, after 3 movies you are also supposed to stop so it's not even so bad."

Positiv: "The salad they served me in SAS Plus had fish in it which I'm allergic too and the stewardess immediately found one that had chicken instead. She also sang a Lullaby song thanking us for flying SAS on landing. Great! :-)"

Positiv: "Great service, friendly stewards and stewardesses, delicious food"

Positiv: "Crew was friendly and helpful."

Negativ: "Plane was a bit old, inflight entertainment limited, temperature on aircraft fluctuated a bit. We were also an hour delayed in take off with no communication."

Positiv: "We were in an empty Plus cabin at front. Coming from Miami, the hot towel service would have been nice. I blinked and missed the service. They will quickly skip you if they can. Food weird. Salmon in a box with no bread or rice or anything and a strange savory muffin. Ate neither. No entertainment."

Negativ: "See above. Sorry. Nothing was good. Came in 10 mins early!"

Positiv: "Pünktlicher Abflug und zügiges Boarding, die Crew war freundlich reserviert."

Negativ: "Essen nur in der teuersten Buchungsklasse inklusive, ansonsten wenig Auswahl."

Negativ: "5 STD. Verspätung."

Positiv: "Angenehmer Flug, schnelles Boarding und Deboarding..."

Negativ: "Alte Machine, Lange Wartezeit im Flieger ohne Erklärung für die Verspätung. Keine Zeitschrift, Personal Recht unsichtbar. Kaffee ohne das Milch oder Zucker angeboten wurde."

Positiv: "The crew was nice, the plane was large and had many bathrooms. The seats were comfortable enough and there was a good selection of movies to watch."

Negativ: "The boarding process was completely disorganized and hectic. The woman making the announcements on the plane was extremely soft spoken and the PA system was static-y so I could neither hear nor understand any of the announcements. The refrigeration system for the food also broke down on the plane so we weren't fed our second meal. Instead, they chose the cheapest and most unappealing snack of plain almonds to give us. Despite confirming our luggage situation with us at the first airport repeatedly (because of our connecting flight) SAS still temporarily lost our baggage when we arrived at our final destination and caused us to stay an additional hour at the airport after already having spent an exhausting day travelling."

Positiv: "Check in, Fast Track, lounge, 1. Reihe"

Negativ: "man sitzt auf engeren Sitzen (Tablett ist in der Armlehne), aber ebenso zu dritt wie in der Eco. 1A-B-C haben viel kleineren Fußraum als 1D-E-F Stewardess wollte kein Handgepäck erlauben, da die Kanine bereits zu voll war. Ich schuld vor, sie solle erst einmal das Gepäck der Mitarbeiter aus der Kabine nehmen, dann reicht es auch für die Paxe ...."

Positiv: "Essen in der Business Class okay"

Negativ: "Irritierend, dass in der Businessklasse der Mittelsitz NICHT frei bleibt"

Positiv: "Very helpful crew. Goes out of the way to be helpful certainly in the transatlantic part of the flights. Entertainment is excellent."

Negativ: "Food taste is terrible. They did accommodate us in getting vegetarian diet. However, online means to do this was impossible. Choices were not provided when we tried to do seat selection. In fact the web site gave wrong information that there are no meals offered even for the selection of the transatlantic flights. Toll free number calls were put on hold over an hour without success. Eventually chat worked. In the flight segment within Europe they do not even offer water for free. Charging 3 Euros for a small can of water/soda is a rip off."

Positiv: "The flight crew was courteous and professional. The seats were comfortable."

Negativ: "The flight came in a little late. However, the plane was nice."

Positiv: "A female pilot! Nice crew. Clean bathroom."

Negativ: "No complimentary peanuts or cookies! Paying for soda or juice. Very tight legroom. Window wouldn't close."

Positiv: "Die Besatzung war sehr nett, der Ablauf gut organisiert. Hat alles wunderbar geklappt. Zur Verpflegung gab es Kaffee oder Tee, was aber ok ist bei dem ultrakurzen Flug."

Positiv: "Die Besatzung war sehr nett, der Ablauf gut organisiert. Hat alles wunderbar geklappt. Zur Verpflegung gab es Kaffee oder Tee, was aber ok ist bei dem kurzen Flug."

Negativ: "Komfort dürfte etwas besser sein. Unterhaltung gab es keine."

Positiv: "Boarding was easy, I'm a Star Alliance Gold member so was able to get on board first. There were significant delays leaving Dulles and our connection was tight, but SAS held the flight so I give them props for that."

Negativ: "The crew was grumpy and unhelpful, but I can usually overlook that. What really got me was this: YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR BEER & WINE ON THIS INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT! Never in my 25 years of international travel have I seen this from a mainstream carrier. For this fact alone, I will never fly this airline again. You also have to pay to pick your seats in advance."

Positiv: "The movies."

Negativ: "My selected seat was broken and I was moved to a seat directly on the side of the toilet. Not nice!"

Negativ: "Aufgrund vorheriger Verzögerungen war der Flug mal wieder verspätet. Information am Gate eher mangelhaft."

Negativ: "Seats did not recline"

Positiv: "Entertainment"

Negativ: "Seats"

Negativ: "Paid for priority boarding but was pulled out of line and did not get priority."

Positiv: "The crew was nice"

Negativ: "The seats are uncomfortable and for a 9 hour flight food should be included and headphones was very in shock international flight had non of the above"

Positiv: "The seat was great, the plane was good"

Positiv: "Nothing I will never use Norwegian again"

Negativ: "The app said $50 for a checked bag they charged $100 at check in and would not even listen to me about it!"

Negativ: "The food could have been a bit better."

Positiv: "Smooth flight, new plane and arrived on time."

Negativ: "The baggage allowances are very strict and creates an antagonistic experience at check in."

Positiv: "Seats were fine in economy. Overall the flight was a breeze."

Negativ: "WiFi on trans-Atlantic flights."

Negativ: "Not worth what you think you might save on air fare. They really seemed interested only in trying collect every possible fee they could. Instead of weighing carry on at check-in, they wait until the boarding process."

Positiv: "Service was fine but nothing stood out in particular. We liked the newer Dreamliner."

Negativ: "Seat (economy) not comfortable. Less room that most other aircrafts in the same class. Seats seemed narrow. With all the extra charges, I would not consider Norwegian to be a ‘budget’ or low cost airline. In the end we paid the same, if not more, for a comparable ‘non-low cost’ airline."

Positiv: "The crew was attentive and friendly"

Negativ: "Even though we paid for priority seating, the crew member oversaw boarding did not allow us to board with the priority group - this was both frustrating and embarrassing and enough reason not to fly Norwegian again"

Negativ: "Not enough leg room, room between seats and the chair didn't recline enough to be comfortable. A little claustrophobic. More movie options and more drink service would be an improvement."

Negativ: "In Copenhagen the Norwegian transfer desk was closed and everyone was sent to the gate. The gate staff did not even acknowledge that we were all waiting there as they set up. It was very confusing and a few short words of greeting would have helped out us all at ease."

Positiv: "I really liked that the boarding process was seamless and easy to get the on the plane."

Negativ: "Not having to pay for water"

Negativ: "Overhead bag to go cargo at cost of 100 fee. Bag then missed plane and was without clothes on landing. Norwegian rep at bag claim indicated I would be fully refunded for necessary clothes purchase and baggage fee, as next flight with bag would not arrive for 24 hours. They now refuse to reimburse"

Positiv: "It's nice that Norwegian loads from both ends of the plane...it would be better if people could read or listen to those instructions"

Negativ: "I get that it is a budget airline, but water. Come on. It's water. I'm not asking for food or there to be an entertainment system for the 7hour flight, there's not, or USB chargers, there aren't, but the least you could do is offer people some free water when you come up and down the aisle weaving"

Positiv: "Smooth, no delays"

Negativ: "25 Minuten Verspätung..."

Negativ: "Flug war 2,5h zu spät, daraufhin habe ich an Weihnachten 2 Züge verpasst und war erst spät nachts bei meiner Familie"

Positiv: "Der Flug war einwandfrei ohne größere Verzögerung."

Negativ: "Berlin Schönefeld Flughafen ist ziemlich in die Jahre gekommen"

Positiv: "Ich habe eigentlich keine Ansprüche für so einen kurzen Flug und somit alles okay, bequeme Sitze!"

Negativ: "Nichts spezielles zu bemängeln. War alles in Ordnung"

Positiv: "Sehr bequemes Flugzeug (Dreamliner) mit moderner Unterhaltungsanlage. Gute Auswahl an filmen."

Negativ: "Zu wenig gratis Wasser wurde verteilt. Mahlzeiten überteuert aber dafür das Ticket günstig"

Positiv: "We had a great flight from Copenhagen to Orlando on a 787 Dreamliner."

Positiv: "Alles reibungslos abgelaufen von Anfang bis Ende wie man sich es vorstellt"

Positiv: "nichts besonderes Gratis Internet (langsam)"

Negativ: "Die Gepäckregelung. Wir hatten 6 x 20 kg, aber jeder Koffer musste unter 20 kg sein. D.h. wir durften nicht 6 Stück mit insgesamt 120 kg mitnehmen. Das ist sehr lästig, so umzupacken."

Positiv: "Hätte man nicht noch ein Gepäckstück im bereits fertig belandenen Flugzeug wieder rausfischen müssen, wäre alles bestens gewesen. Einchecken, Gepäckaufgabe schnell und problemlos in Oslo am Automaten, rechtzeitiges Boarding, Service wie bei einer Low-Cost-Airline zu erwarten. Sitzabstände gut."

Positiv: "The fact that we didn’t crash"

Negativ: "The plane was hot old and the crew needed to step it up. Very inefficient!"

Positiv: "Polite crew, good fare"

Negativ: "I did not eat the food so I cannot rate it."

Positiv: "New plane, clean"

Negativ: "I tried to add an additional bag online, but server kept freezing up. Decided to check bag at airport. I was charged 80 Euros instead of 35 shown online. I then had to take the small additional box to another counter, because it wasn’t a suitcase???? Staff were very rude, and at best the crew was indifferent. I have flown all over the world on many airlines, and this was by far the worst experience. I will never fly Norwegian again."

Positiv: "Nothing"

Negativ: "Paid for an isle seat but assigned a window. No organization at boarding. Lots of signs for bag restrictions but not heeded or adhered to by passengers or staff. Ridiculous!!!"

Positiv: "Board crew were pleasent and helpful."

Negativ: "Plane was dirty."

Positiv: "The flight had status of delayed for 24hours due to technical difficulties. No updates were provided, except to wait while they check the issue. Given the technical issues for 24hours there should have been another plane provided for the 300+ passengers."

Negativ: "I missed checkin by 2 minutes, because there was line of people checking in for later flights."

Positiv: "Service was top notch."

Positiv: "787 Aircraft is nice. Decent selection of in-flight entertainment options. The main reason to fly Norwegian is low cost."

Negativ: "Boarding was delayed 30 min because Norwegian isn't very well organized. The boarding lounge at Gatwick has half the capacity of the aircraft, so people were packed in to a tiny space until boarding actually started. In-seat USB charger didn't work."

Positiv: "The crew was nice."

Negativ: "I tried extending my trip the night before my flight but customer service kept saying their system was down and their site wasn't working properly. I bought a Flex ticket for the exact reason of being able to adjust my schedule if needed. I decided to try to extend my trip at the airport and had the same issue. It's very disappointing that I paid extra and had zero help from their team. The new flight date would have been the same price too. On the flight, I didn't get served the dinner since they couldn't find my Flex information but it somehow got corrected later. I had a decent experience with Norwegian Air a few years ago but this time it was a mess on all three flights. I wouldn't recommend."

Positiv: "Economy Seats were comfortable"

Negativ: "Information about system for ordering food was very problematic. I was not informed that I needed to order food 3 online days in advance. I tried to order it while checking in online because I realised only at that point that it was likely I would have to order in advance...I was charged but did not receive what I ordered. One crew member was nice, the others were not. When checking in at the airport the staff desk attendant was very rude. Too many hidden costs. Paying for extras like food and luggage does not make the price economical."

Positiv: "Rude/ non helpful crew spoiled this flight."

Negativ: "Rude/ non helpful crew spoiled this flight."

Positiv: "There was enough footroom that I could straighten my legs in coach. Most comfotable overseas flight I have ever had. Great selection of movies."

Negativ: "LAX going through rennovations. Had to take the bus to the airplane. They tried to cram too many people on one bus and had to offload some because they couldnt shut the doors. No free plain water offered on the flight. Had to buy all beverages."

Positiv: "Price"

Negativ: "all good"

Positiv: "I liked bidding for the premium class and getting it for less than 20% of the actual cost of the upgrade."

Negativ: "Boarding was a mess. Gate agents did not keep people informed on what was going on. Plane was late already and left even later due to the mess at boarding. When premium, people requiring assistance were asked to board, EVERYONE went to the gate and t he agents did not prioritized the boarding. Again... seems like in Europe this is normal as I took many flights in the last two weeks (eurowings, Norwegian, Lufthansa) and boarding was equally chaotic with late departures."

Negativ: "Broken seat, no movies "they didn't download", we were promised a drink as a lame compensation for a 7 hour flight with no entertainment. Drink offer was rescinded to no alcohol. You have to buy everything you need and there are extra checkpoints at every possible juncture to weigh bags, check status and docs. Not worth the small savings."

Positiv: "The crew was lovely. The seats were comfy. Broad movie selections. The overhead space was probably the best part."

Negativ: "The single thing that made me never want to fly this airline again was that we were not offered a single drink. Not even water. The only people allowed to have a drink were those that preordered food. I wasn't aware I needed to do that and have no problem ordering food onboard (which I did) but to be completely over looked for even a cup of WATER? It was quite humiliating to not even be looked at unless I was someone that preordered food. I just don't understand that at all. Even on a 30 min flight to Akron I get a water or soda or coffee. This was an 8 hour flight!"

Positiv: "super bildschirme!"

Positiv: "There was nothing I liked except for getting off the plane."

Negativ: "There was a mechanical issue which delayed boarding and since we were quarantined to a small area without enough seating, no restrooms or food services which made me very upset. Once we were on the plane there was a possible terrorist threat which delayed us even longer and scared everyone on the plane after police entered the cabin. We were not given any services for the 12+ hours we had no access to purchase food. The food service system was no working on the plane. It also took us 20 minutes to find a gate. The plane was very warm and everyone was angry. The check in process was also horrible with the staff being rude. The flight attendants were also not very nice and after experiencing the scare of something going on they should've been a bit more accommodating. I will never fly Norwegian again or fly out or into Gatwick Airport."

Positiv: "Staff were very helpful and thoughtful during the flight."

Negativ: "Boarding handled poorly, stuff in standing-room-only and they boarded privileged members and families before disabled people, causing those of us who can't stand long to... stand a long time in line."

Positiv: "Guter Sitzabstand, pünktlich gelandet Gratis Internet an Bord"

Negativ: "Service etwas diktatorisch"

Positiv: "Overhead bins for luggage are large and easy to access. Staff was mostly helpful. TV in headrest."

Negativ: "Small seats. Low on board luggage weight limits. Flight was delayed and boarding took a LONG time- not organized properly. Poor movie & TV show selection for an 8 hour international flight."

Positiv: "The baggage policy is a scam and not clear such that the airline over charged us at checki in $130. We of course could have avoided the charge but for the rude attendants at check in."

Negativ: "The entertainment system and planes are no longer best in class. The entertainment system is a joke and the planes are dirty. The staff on the plane was rude as well."

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